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school days

I now know why all teachers love the game "heads-up, sevens up." For some reason, kids will buy in to the idea of not talking, with the only movement being a gentle touch and wiggle of a thumb. It must have been teachers who thought up the concept of bowing your head down, getting "picked," trying to guess who did it, and then putting your head back down. Either a teacher, or a good Catholic woman who did not believe in birth control.
My days are spent daily with Kindergarteners. It is inside recess right now, thus the inspiration for the entry regarding heads-up-seven-up. These kids are hilarious, I hope I have some time to tell you all some of their stories... but right now, we have inside recess, and the art table is calling me.

I am moving this week. :( I don't want to.

I'm still with my boyfriend Jay. He grows on me more and more all the time. I'll probably marry him, but that's still a ways off.

till later - Trace

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